Tuesday, August 30, 2011


More cakes...

 My first attempt at a topsy turvy cake :) I should have got a picture with the candles. They were super long and slender.

 Kayak cakes...kind of the cartoonish type :)

 A cooler full of beer at the buyer's request haha
 and a life vest, of coarse!

 Wu-Tang cake....yes, as in Wu-Tang Clan. I think I'd have to give this the "Most Unique" award :)

 My yummy secret recipe personal cheesecakes. Lemon (top) and chocolate, carmel (bottom).

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Recent cakes...

A Park Ranger Badge!

Tiki Hut

...bottom layer of above cake.

& Hawiian Flowers Cake (both for a luau bday party!)

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Lil' Rebel

Here's one for a little boy's first birthday. It's chocolate and vanilla marble cake with fruit puree filling, buttercream icing and vanilla fondant. A mini cake was added for the little guy to tear into which was chocolate cake with fruit puree filling and buttercream icing. The parents had bought the candle online so it's not pictured but was a cute #1 candle with the same designs on it as the plates and cake :)

Tip of the day: I couldn't find a diamond cookie cutter anywhere for this cake so I used a ruler and pizza cutter wheel. It actually wasn't hard to do and probably turned out nicer than it would have with a cookie cutter.
How to: roll out your fondant as usual (about an eighth of an inch thick). Put a ruler down (after sanitizing it) flat on the fondant from right to left diagonally. Make a cut on either side of the ruler spacing your cuts as wide as the ruler is. Position ruler from left to right diagonally and make cuts the same way. Diamonds!

Picture credits: Karin B Photography

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Hello Kitty!

My latest cake was a fun one to do. It was a birthday cake of a Hello Kitty Purse. The flavors were vanilla cake with fruit puree filling. They loved it! I don't have the greatest camera so my neighbor came over and took some great pictures for me. What an improvement! She's an awesome photographer too!
Here's some great pics of the process.
 Fondant work...

 Luster dust mixed with lemon extract for edible paint...

 Steaming your cake will give it a nice and consistent shine.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Getting up to date...

A strawberry filled giant cupcake with cream cheese frosting.

 Chocolate cake decorated with a little powdered sugar and some stencils.
 Dark chocolate truffles. Yum!
 Creme brulee for our murder mystery dinner.
 A zebra purse.
 Sugar cookies with fondant on top.

 Chocolate chip cupcakes with fruit puree filling and cream cheese frosting (one of my favorites!)
 Polka dot purse.
 Baseball cake...hadn't mastered the sphere shape yet :s
 Strawberry cakelettes.
Strawberry strawberry cake. This one was entered into a cake contest. Didn't place, but very fun! 
Girls birthday cake. 
 Chocolate M&M cookies.
 Under the Sea cake.

 "Keep Austin Weird" tie dye cupcakes. Perfect for Austin, TX right??
 Flood iced Easter cookies.
 Chocolate Carmel cheesecake...so good!
Blueberry lemon graduation cake. 
 Triple baby shower cake, truffles and flood iced baby carriage cookies.
Pro wrestling cake.
Candy bar cupcakes, tie dye cupcakes and black and white cookies.
 Beach boy cake and matching cupcakes.

Well, I think that should bring you all up to date. There's more to come with better pictures and some recipes and tips so stay tuned and thanks for visiting!