Sunday, July 3, 2011

Getting up to date...

A strawberry filled giant cupcake with cream cheese frosting.

 Chocolate cake decorated with a little powdered sugar and some stencils.
 Dark chocolate truffles. Yum!
 Creme brulee for our murder mystery dinner.
 A zebra purse.
 Sugar cookies with fondant on top.

 Chocolate chip cupcakes with fruit puree filling and cream cheese frosting (one of my favorites!)
 Polka dot purse.
 Baseball cake...hadn't mastered the sphere shape yet :s
 Strawberry cakelettes.
Strawberry strawberry cake. This one was entered into a cake contest. Didn't place, but very fun! 
Girls birthday cake. 
 Chocolate M&M cookies.
 Under the Sea cake.

 "Keep Austin Weird" tie dye cupcakes. Perfect for Austin, TX right??
 Flood iced Easter cookies.
 Chocolate Carmel good!
Blueberry lemon graduation cake. 
 Triple baby shower cake, truffles and flood iced baby carriage cookies.
Pro wrestling cake.
Candy bar cupcakes, tie dye cupcakes and black and white cookies.
 Beach boy cake and matching cupcakes.

Well, I think that should bring you all up to date. There's more to come with better pictures and some recipes and tips so stay tuned and thanks for visiting!


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