Saturday, July 23, 2011

Lil' Rebel

Here's one for a little boy's first birthday. It's chocolate and vanilla marble cake with fruit puree filling, buttercream icing and vanilla fondant. A mini cake was added for the little guy to tear into which was chocolate cake with fruit puree filling and buttercream icing. The parents had bought the candle online so it's not pictured but was a cute #1 candle with the same designs on it as the plates and cake :)

Tip of the day: I couldn't find a diamond cookie cutter anywhere for this cake so I used a ruler and pizza cutter wheel. It actually wasn't hard to do and probably turned out nicer than it would have with a cookie cutter.
How to: roll out your fondant as usual (about an eighth of an inch thick). Put a ruler down (after sanitizing it) flat on the fondant from right to left diagonally. Make a cut on either side of the ruler spacing your cuts as wide as the ruler is. Position ruler from left to right diagonally and make cuts the same way. Diamonds!

Picture credits: Karin B Photography


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